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Pet General Checkup

General health check up

Annual checkups and routine physical exams are important for a pet to live a healthy life and it is critical in identifying the diseases before they can become critical.  For the better health of the pet  periodically we should  do the health check up of pets , Perfect dose veterinary clinic  provides following services for your pets. Pet annual check-up, Pet wellness exam,  Pet preventive care, Pet physical exam, Pet bloodwork, Pet urinalysis, Pet fecal analysis, Pet vaccinations, Pet/ Dog deworming, Pet flea and tick prevention, Pet dental cleaning.

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Vaccination and microchipping

Vaccines trigger immune responses in pets and prepare them to fight diseases. We provide excellent vaccination services in a stress-free environment and strictly follow the Dubai municipality vaccination protocol. Microchipping is mandatory for dogs and cats in Dubai and one of the requirements for all pets traveling abroad. cost of pet vaccination is affordable in perfect dose veterinary clinic. We provide following vaccination services pet vaccination, pet immunization, pet shots, pet vaccines, dog vaccination, distemper vaccination, cat vaccination, rabies vaccination, parvovirus vaccination, kennel cough vaccination, leptospirosis vaccination, bordetella vaccination, feline leukaemia vaccination, feline immunodeficiency virus vaccination, canine influenza vaccination.


At PDVC, we have expert surgeons specialized in bone and eye surgeries. Our surgical suite is fully equipped to do all surgeries from birth control procedures to complex orthopedic, soft tissue, and eye surgeries. We provide best pet surgery services in Dubai, following are the our services in Dubai pet emergency surgery, cat surgery, Dog surgery, pet spaying, pet neutering, pet tumour removal, pet hip dysplasia surgery, pet dental surgery, pet ACL surgery. 

Pet Radiology , Pet x-ray


At PDVC, we offer state of art and modern orthopaedic procedures for pets such as Bone repair, knee surgeries, tendon and ligament repair, Cruciate ligament surgery, Post-operative care, Muscle and tendon repair, Arthroscopy, Extracapsular suture stabilization, Total joint replacement, Bone fracture repair, Luxation repair, Pain management, Rehabilitation



We are providing your pet with the best and most advanced dental care. Our dental unit is equipped with an ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher, which helps for thorough dental cleaning and polishing. Moreover, we have the full set of dental extraction instruments to do all types of surgical tooth extractions. we are providing following services Dental extractions, Dental cleaning, Dental x-rays, , Dental scaling, Plaque removal, Tartar removal
Stomatitis, we provide treatments for  Periodontal disease, Gingivitis etc.

Pet Radiology in dubai Pet scan


Digital x-ray and 3D ultrasound to image your pet and generate the results with in short time, we can reach a diagnosis and initiate the treatment immediately. We are providing following services Pet-Xray  Thyroid PET scan, Brain PET scan, Bone PET scan, Heart PET scan, Lung PET scan, Pancreas PET scan, Liver PET scan, Kidney PET scan, Prostate  PET scan.

In House Laboratary

State of art laboratory analyzers enables us to diagnose diseases in a short time. Fully automated hematology and biochemistry machines give the results in just a matter of minutes. Microscopical evaluation of samples is an added advantage done by our expert team. We provide following services Pet drug testing, Pet bloodwork, Pet faecal analysis, Pet vaccine titter testing, Pet parasite testing, Pet hormone testing, Pet allergy testing, Faecal float test, Heartworm test, Lyme disease test, Giardia test, Coccidia test, Toxoplasmosis test, Ringworm test, Ear cytology, Skin scraping, Bloodwork etc.

Pet Grooming


Perfect dose veterinary clinic offers the best pet grooming services from our professional groomers so that your pet can look clean as well as healthy. Our services are pet grooming, cat grooming, dog grooming, mobile pet grooming, in-home pet grooming, bath and brush for dogs, nail trim for dogs, haircut for dogs, grooming for cats, bath for cats.

best dog training in dubai


We understand your concern about the safety of your pet while you are away. We guarantee you that you are pet is in safe hands. Our pet boarding facilities pay extra focus to make your pet’s stay a special one. We are providing following services pet boarding, dog boarding, cat boarding, in-home pet boarding, affordable pet boarding, pet sitter, dog walker, cat sitter, pet care, pet sitting services, pet day care.

Pet Relocation

Pet relocation

Our relocation team is among the most comprehensive and competitive in the industry.
We are appointed with major airlines in the world whose single focus is to safely and compassionately relocate family pets and other animals globally.

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Breeding management

We will guide you about the pet reproductive cycle and give as much help and advice as you need.  We provide following services pet breeding, dog breeding, cat breeding and after breeding pet health services.