Types of pet surgery in dubai

Types of Pet Surgery in Dubai: A Guide for Pet Owners in Dubai


A crucial procedure for pets can be stressful for both the animals and the people who care for them. However, with the advancement of technology in this day and age, we can lessen this stress and give your dogs a new lease on life. To assist pet owners, prepare, the following guide describes the common sorts of pet surgery they might expect

Neutering and Spaying:

 One of the most popular surgical treatments for animals, particularly cats and dogs, is this one. Despite the rarity of reproductive cancer in pets, this surgical technique will aid in their recovery. It also aids in the prevention of some health problems and the management of pet populations. When an animal is spayed, her uterus and ovaries are removed, and when she is neutered, her testicles are removed.

Dental Surgery: 

as we already know that pets are curious about everything. When they see something new, they first smell it and start chewing. Sometimes it will damage their teeth. In such situations they require dental treatments. Especially older pets, often require dental procedures such as teeth cleaning, extractions, or treating periodontal disease. Poor dental health can lead to pain, infection, and systemic health problems.

Removal of Tumours:

Surgery is necessary to remove benign or malignant tumours that may form in pets. Surgery may involve straightforward excision or more involved procedures, sometimes in conjunction with additional treatments like radiation or chemotherapy, depending on the location and type of tumour.

Orthopaedic Surgery:

Broken bones, torn ligaments (cruciate ligament tears, for example), hip dysplasia, and osteoarthritis are just a few of the orthopaedic diseases that can affect pets. pets are not ready to stay calm. they will fight for each other or fall from height because of carelessness. this will lead to fracture, break bones or they lost their mobility. as we already state that this is the era of technology. wheelchairs for animals that have lost the mobility of their legs like humans are also available in the market. Exercising while in a wheelchair increases circulation and can sometimes restore mobility to parts of the body with only minor damage. To relieve discomfort, surgical procedures such as ligament stabilization, joint replacement, fracture repair, or corrective osteotomies could be required.

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Soft tissue surgery:

 it is an important part of surgery. It encompasses a comprehensive surgery involving organs, tissues, or structures other than bones. It includes gastrointestinal surgeries like foreign body removal, tumour excision, urinary tract surgeries like bladder stone removal, urethral obstruction relief and airway surgeries, lung lobe removal surgery for respiratory system.

Ophthalmic surgery:

sometimes it is necessary for our pets to take surgeries for a clear vision. Like human they also suffer from cataracts, cherry eye, or eyelid abnormalities and it may require surgical intervention. Cataract is a common eye disease seen in animals as well as humans. If you do not take right decision at right time, it can lead to discomfort, pain, vision impairment, and in some cases, even vision loss of your pets. But a simple surgery can provide them a better world of vision.

Ear surgery:

if a structural change or problem in the ear is causing the hearing loss, doctors may recommend surgery for your pets. Ear infections, hematomas, or congenital abnormalities may cause ear damage and leads to ear loss. In this situation ear surgical treatment may entail to alleviate pain and prevent further complications.

Emergency Surgery:

In order to stabilize a traumatized animal and treat potentially fatal conditions, surgical intervention may be necessary in the case of lacerations, puncture wounds, or internal injuries sustained in an accident.

Laryngeal Surgery:

To open up the airways and ease respiratory issues, breeds like bulldogs and pugs who are susceptible to brachycephalic airway syndrome may need to undergo corrective surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery:

Skin grafts and flap techniques are examples of reconstructive operations that may be used to restore normal look and function following trauma or surgical tumour excision.


These are the common pet surgeries. Before any surgery it is necessary for the pet owners to discuss about the procedures and cost of surgeries with your veterinarian. you should know the condition of your pets before and after surgery, and the follow up treatment for your pets.

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